Few words about us

The Chanticleer has been a part of the Eureka and Central Illinois community for decades. Originally, the site of a chicken house on a local farmer’s land, he served drinks to his buddies after a hard day’s work at the local factory. The farmer’s wife would make pan-fried chicken for their guests and The Chanticleer restaurant was born.

Current owners since 2011, Jeff and Shelli Stahl, both come from culinary education backgrounds, working in the hospitality/restaurant business since their teens. Jeff hired Shelli to work for him in 1992 and they have been working together since then at various restaurants and food service establishments until 1997 when they went into the Ice Carving business in Cincinnati, Ohio. They ran Artic Diamond for 13 years doing ice across the country for corporate events, sculpture contests, the Kentucky Derby and NFL Super Bowls. Their passion for delighting their customers and providing house made dishes is what keeps people coming back again and again.


Over the years, ownership has changed hands, but neither the restaurant, nor the reputation of it’s “Famous Fried Chicken” has changed much. There have been expansions of the building and improvements have continued to help The Chanticleer evolve into the loved restaurant it is today.